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1c has no future without switching into latin

Ø [Asmody, 01.10.18 - 19:50]
1c has no future without switching into latin
01.10.18 - 18:07
Asking to translate my topic Необходимость полного перевода кода 1с на английский into English is a total trolling, because the problem is significant.

There is no 1c outside Russian speaking countries for a reason. Because using cyrillic ... is in fact requiring knowledge of Russian language. Which is wrong. Programming has nothing to do with knowing languages. It's the same as we are using letters "a, b c, x , y , z" in mathmetics. They are just symbols. If you write in Java you don't need to know English at all. That's how it works. Same here. In order to use 1c you don't need to know Russian. Yet you need to know it because it is in Russian.
The problem is. You can't ask chinese, french guys to learn cyrillic. It will never work. None of them know English - yet they program using english syntax. As do we. Most people don't know English, yet they know Java, C++ and other languages.

I hope 1c will make the right decision. Because i just want 1c to spread into other countries.
1 - 01.10.18 - 18:10
Just calm your titties, bruh.
2 - 01.10.18 - 19:49
— How much watches?
— Ten clocks.
— Such much?
— For whom how…
— MGIMO finished?
— A-a-a-ask!..

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